Am I a Data Scientist? Part 1 of my journey

I’m going to be telling you about my Data Scientist journey. This is a field I have chosen to pursue because of the benefits I believe it has to offer. With insights from data, there are endless opportunities of improving human life and all things which tie to our day to day activities. From the Azubi program, refer to my previous post, we have been introduced to SQL (pronounced see-quel). I already have fundamental knowledge in programming in the SQL language. This is a language used in databases for manipulating data. For those who may be interested in SQL, there is a pretty comprehensive tutorial by w3schools which can introduce you to the language.

Photo by fabio on Unsplash

Database management systems are platforms which can be used to manipulate, analyze and gain insights from small to large sets of data. The platform I have started with is PostgreSQL. I am new to this. In fact, I had never heard of it until last week. I knew of MySQL, which is another platform for managing databases. The aforementioned database platforms focus on relational databases. The opposite is the non-relational database such as NoSQL. Learn the difference here.

I decided to try something new and I used my terminal (command prompt) in working in PostgreSQL instead of using the graphical interface pgAdmin which would have been more aesthetically pleasing. If you would like to learn about PostgreSQL you can visit their website on how to install and learn how to use postgres. Another informative read on data management also spells out the benefits of taking charge of our data and the skills needed to do this.

Next, I will explore databases in Azure and how to connect my database with other programming langauages. Stay tuned for my next post for which language I will be choosing :). My week was capped with an SQL Challenge which tested understanding on the language and PostgreSQL platform.