Am I a Data Scientist? Part 2 of my journey

Photo by Clemens van Lay on Unsplash

If you have been following my journey so far, you’ll know that this has been a journey of actualizing my data science career. So far so good I must say. Last week in my previous article, I asked that you stay tuned to find out what language I will be exploring next. Since you’re here I’ll let you in…drumroll…Python! My first introduction to the Python programming language was in my first year at college. I wasn’t too bad but I really did not understand what I was doing.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago, I decided to take up Python again with the YouTube course which teaches Python with data science. I was impressed by the teacher’s delivery because I’m quite good in python now, for beginner-intermediate level (allow me to blow my own horn sha).

In the Azubi program, we started with Python last week and ended with an assignment in Python. Who would have thought that I would lead a Python assignment because both my group members were novices at this game? I’ve always preferred the hardware part of computer engineering to software because I just didn’t understand coding no matter how hard I kept trying. There are so many reasons for this, like the jump from high school with zero knowledge in programming to University where you’re suddenly expected to understand how to code in a semester — but that’s a story for another day.

This week, w3schools python tutorials was my best friend and we’ve started a good relationship. Datacamp is another great resource that can help you learn about python data structures and more. They have an interactive pythoncourse that beginners can take. Their website and content makes it easy to read so don’t be shy. Pynative is another good resource for python tutorials, exercise, quizzes and more. You should check it out. As part of the assignment, we had to create and submit our code to git repositories and show collaboration among team members. From LinkedIn learning, I learnt how to use Github but this week, I learnt a lot more, and even struggled in the beginning a bit. If you want to see my cute github click here.

But really, python? Why would you name a language python? Beats me but you can ask the developers here. Python is the most preferred language for data science with SQL coming in second and R in third place. So, we can say I’m on track, right? Right?