How I passed the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam

Microsoft data analytics
Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Two to three weeks prior to today, I began learning about Cloud Computing Technologies. Particularly, I was focused on Microsoft who provides these services under Azure. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing technology which can be used to build, test and manage applications and services after deployment. They have data centres across the world which makes storage and management of data relatively easier. This way, they provide cloud deployment services such as Infrastructure (IaaS), Platform (Paas) and Software (SaaS).

Last month I joined the German Institute of Business and Technology as an Azubi (Azubi is the shortened form of Auszubildender in German which translates to trainee) for Data Science. As a Data Scientist, it is a requirement to be experienced in cloud technology in a world which is producing large volumes of data with a need for secure storage. In preparing for the AZ 900 exam aka Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam, we took a couple of mock exams provided by the Azubi program coordinators to ensure that we were all ready to take the exams and pass at our scheduled dates.

Before taking these mock exams, we were given access to the Microsoft learning platform where we learnt everything there is to know about the Azure platform. I learnt about the services provided and their benefits to users- both individuals and enterprises big and small. There was a lot of content to consume in just three weeks but in the end I was able to learn as much as I could. The mock exams were beneficial in reinforcing the content I had consumed on all the azure pages I had been reading on the learning platform.

There are so many resources online I didn’t realize existed till a few days before the exam. For example, on quizlet, you can use flashcards to learn definitions and general ideas about Azure. There are even games which you can play on their site to make learning fun *wink ;) . Some other resources you can use are Examtopics, however, this has limited access for free accounts. For access to Microsoft learning, you need to sign up with a Microsoft account. There are also links to other certification exams and courses you can take that are available on their website.

This certification was possible because of the Azubi program. I was not required to pay for the examination. However, it is not free. In the end, I passed with a high score of 940. The highest one can achieve is a 1000. This falls under one of the steps I’m taking on my journey to becoming a data scientist. Auf Wiedersehen! Till I post again.