I parted the office blinds. The lights on in the rest of the office threw a black and white print on to my fingers and my work shirt. White from the light and black from the shadow of the blinds.

It was a Monday night. Well past 10 o’clock. It had been five hours since majority of the workers had left. The weekend only created space to pile more work on me, not forgetting work that kept adding on throughout the week. I had tried working on the weekend so I could clear up a few things while I could. But hubby just wouldn’t let me. He’d say weekends were the only days we could fully spend time together. The only days God gave us to actually rest and smell the roses.

When I got back to reality, I was shocked for a moment. I saw a figure block the light. Oh it was my diligent co-worker who had walked right in. I stared at him waiting for what he had to say. He said nothing. I said nothing. The only thing he did was to keep walking towards me.

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