Week 7 as a Data Scientist

Week 7. I will start with some good news. I am now a writer for the Noteworthy blog on Medium. After my last post, I was contacted to join them as a writer and share my articles on their page. Feels exciting to be recognized for doing something worthwhile.

As part of the Azubi program I have been on, I am preparing for a hackathon and another Microsoft certification examination (DP-100). This examination focuses on Designing and Implementing Data Science Solutions on Microsoft Azure. The hackathon is to be completed in teams, as such, my team and I have been brainstorming on what problems we can solve using Data Science. We have so far chosen an industry we hope to work in and researched on some problems that need solving. We present our findings in a week. On the other hand, I have been studying for the DP-100 examination by reading on different Machine Learning modules on the Microsoft learning platform. I wrote two mock examinations and the second one I wrote on my birthday! Imagine sitting down to write an examination amidst all the festivities going on in your heart. It was quite an experience.

Let’s not forget about my favorite quiz website, quizlet which I have been using to study for my mock exams. I found another one called quizizz which has a fun interface and works like Kahoot. There are lots of machine learning concept quizzes that you can take to learn more about machine learning and its algorithms. Analytics Vidhya is another helpful platform with quizzes you can take.

During my studying, I learnt how to use Visual Studio Codespaces on Microsoft. It is a cloud-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment). This means you can code in this environment and have it run and saved directly to the cloud. It supports GitHub repositories and has an inbuilt command line interface. I used this platform to run files on machine learning algorithms such as classification, clustering and regression to study the codes used for such tasks and learn how to write them on my own.

In the coming week, I will be preparing for my hackathon presentation and studying for the certification examination I will be taking later. Have a blessed week. You’ve got this!



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